• Design

      Develop websites

      Stunning, responsive, compatible, light, shortly and 24/7 support.

      Develop solutions

      Dynamic, compatible, multiple-languages and 24/7 support.

      Develop smartphone apps

      Compatible with different OS and devices, hybrid and 24/7 support.
  • Services

      X-Cart Integration

      Installation, Integration ,Transfer Databases (in & out), Add/Edit Components, How to Use?, and Support.

      WHMCS Integration

      Installation, License, Enhance Arabic Interface, How to Use?, Install Hooks, Add/Edit Pages and Support.

      Managing phone apps

      Create Icons and Splash, Provisioning Profiles, Certificates, Upload iOS Apps to Apple Store and Support.
  • Partners
      We believe that success means new cooperation and shearing with other related companies. we always look forward to involve with new partners to increase the expertise and growth rate, in LibyaPages we focus on managing time, resource and people. Since we established before 12 years ago, we have provided our services, products and support for thousandths of clients around Libya and abroad.
Terms & Conditions..   Last update: July 12, 2016  
Please read the following terms and conditions carefully which they applied to the services and products that we provide.
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  • Provider: LibyaPages or Libya Pages (in Arabic صفحات ليبيا), is an IT company located in Az Zawiya - Libya, provides there service through these websites: LibyaPages.Net and LibyaPages.Com.
  • Primary Provider: Refer to any company or organization that provides any service or products to Libya Pages such as domain registrars.
  • Client: A company, organization or person that receives services or products from Libya Pages whether is locally or internationally.
  • Account Owner: The person or (group of people) that has/have full access to client account and has/have all rights the manage the services and products.
  • Service: Refer to any service(s) or product(s) that purchased from LibyaPages.
  • End User: Refer to any company, organization or person that obtain services or products from LibyaPages's clients.

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